Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I worked last night getting the aquarium cleaned out. I have too many fish in our aquarium and looking for a good home for some. They are normally a VERY bright yellow. Their color is fading due to stress from overcrowding they said so I need to reduce the amount of fish. They are bright yellow african cichlids. They are expensive fish as Petco sells them for $10.99 so tell hubby you saved money on the fish so you could buy an aquarium. (makes sense to me) hee hee

They cannot be with any other fish, not even bottom feeders. They get big the bigger of tank you put them in. Very interesting fish to watch and as they get bigger you can even feed them feeder fish. They dig in the rocks to make holes to hide. You need a higher PH lever than just ordinary tropical fish. If you put a lava rock in the tank it helps raise the PH. Temp about 78-82 degrees.

E-Mail me for information if you are interested in adopting some fish.

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