Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today and tomorrow I hired a cleaning lady to help me with the house as I am so far behind for my sons graduation party this weekend. I had her start with Ruths room which took 6 HOURS! We sent about 10 bags of stuff to the goodwill out of her room and it looks great. Zach's room only took about an hour but she cleaned out the closets and everything. She is coming back tomorrow. I cannot wait. I have never had a cleaning lady like this and think I could get used to it but could not afford it. I am off to buy a lottery ticket.

I spent all afternoon putting together a table and bar stools. What a nightmare. I got it at Target and hate put together furniture as I am terrible at doing stuff like that. I took it apart many times as I kept screwing it up. hee hee It did look really good when it was done.

Lindsay and Ruth were a the store today along with Diva and Daisy. They did a great job. I did not make it in tonight as I did not want to get stuck out there in the storm. Lindsay said more boxes came today so I will try to get over there tomorrow night.

BELOW: Liz and Tina the cleaning lady ran to Subway in Elkhorn to pick up dinner and Liz got pulled over. She was so nervous and it turned out she just had a tail light out. I was VERY proud of her as she thought to take a photo so I could scrapbook it.

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Vicki C said...

NOW THAT IS A SCRAPBOOKERS DAUGHTER!!! OH I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so proud of you liz! Fantastic shot!

ps. sorry I wont be able to make it to the graduation party Amy... but I know you.. everything will be perfect to a "T".