Thursday, November 6, 2008


Car shopping is over hopefully for another 10 years! I finally just started calling around as I could not take another day of going to dealers. The sales people thought it was crazy I did not want to come in and see the vehicles or drive them. Car shopping just stresses me out. I like the Car Max idea as it is no forcing sales people to lie to you or play the "car buying games". I did not buy one there but like how thy work. They may buy your trade in for less but their cars are priced lower so it evens out. They just did not have the vehicle I was looking for.

I did sell my car little car through Craigs list and it sold within 12 hours of listing it yesterday. Craigs list is amazing if you have things to sell. The guy paid cash and already took the car. He was indian and I had a hard time understanding him as he just came to the USA. Holly was working with me yesterday when he came and we both were trying to translate. hee hee Finally Trevor came out to meet with him as he works with a lot of men from India being in computer programming so he understood him just fine.

A lot of people were praying for me (thank you) and everything wen so smoothly. My son went out and drove my new vehicle and gave me his stamp if approval. (he is a mechanic and lives and breaths cars) Paul is only 19 and has his 5th vehicle. I would be camping out in the nut ward if I had to buy cars that often. hee hee

Black Magic, now just to Diva-fy her.

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Vicki C said...

Woo Hoo! Rock on!!! Cool wheels Amy!