Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I took a half day off today as I had to go car shopping. I have had the worst headache since I have gotten back to work. Cars are so expensive, especially when I do not even get a paycheck. I had my Suburban for 12 years so it has been awhile since I have had to shop. It was not running and Pauls teacher offered to use it for a project vehicle at college then he called Monday and wanted to know if I wanted to sell it. I let him buy it and know kick myself as we need something to fit all 6 of us especially with the holidays coming up and going out of town. I had no idea vehicles had gotten so expensive. WOW! A new Suburban is about as much as my first house.

Funny how we look at gas mileage so much now instead of other features on vehicles. I do know whatever I get it better have leather seats as I scrubbed the back seats (cloth) from the kids for an hour and a half today. At least the toddler years have passed but they are still slobs. LOL

Say a prayer I find a good safe vehicle at a low price.

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Jessica said...

i've scrapped at your shop a time or two with karen, diana, and barb...anyways, a lady in group has a husband who works at baxter (Dave Wennekamp at 660-3025) anyways, if you call, tell him you heard about him from the MOM group and see if he will give you a deal...he has offered them in the past.