Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It is 9:00 and I just got home and exhausted. We had non stop customers all day which was wonerful but I did not have enough help today as I had no idea that the polling place was going to be in the bay next to our store. It was great as we had LOTS of new customers and sold tons. Many people that came in did not even know we were out at the mall. So Kudo's to the mall management for making us a polling place. We also had the 25% off sale with th I voted sticker which many of our customers took advantage of. It is going through Friday along with a free crop Friday night. Call to register. 763-9675.

Off to watch the news to check the voting and hope it is not bad news......

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Vicki C said...

Lots of voters.. and lots of shoppers..that's great!