Sunday, November 2, 2008


I had a nice day as it started out with an extra hours of sleep! Then off to church and met a friend at the Chick Market at noon for a quick shopping spree. I found a cute stocking for the store window and check out these really weird sunglasses! They cracked me up!

Then off to work and Trev worked with me today which was nice as I was able to get the Christmas card kits finished up. We are making the kits of 10 cards so you can have hadmade cards for you family and friends without all the planning,cutting etc. You get 10 cards in a pack and one card is already completed to use for a sample.

Tonight I worked on orders as we have a ton of new product coming in for the holiday season. If you are doing Christmas Cards and need to order in bulk call us or stop by and we work hard to have the lowest prices around will give you big discounts for ordering in bulk as we want and appreciate your business. Watch the calendar on for one more upcoming Holiday Card Workshop.

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