Saturday, November 1, 2008

DIVA'S HIT THE SKY TO CHICAGO tips for the trip

Here are a few trips about traveling to Chicago at the time of year.

  • It is very windy and cold especially down by the water. Leather coats are the best for blocking the wind.
  • We are on a shopping trip so we pack light but pack in one large suitcase. We will be riding the El train from airport so it is easier to just have one BIG suitcase to roll with you. You want a big bag to bring things from your trip home.
  • Have LOTS of 1$ bills for tips. Also carry lots of cash for cab fairs as once downtown you will take cabs /taxi's around the downtown area.
  • Ship things back. You can pack a flattened cardboard box and tape in your bag that way if you buy something you want to ship back home it can be done right at the hotel. If they pack it for you it is VERY costly.
  • Many stores will ship for you. (If there is not the same store in Nebraska there is no tax so depending on the amount of purchase sometimes you save money letting the store ship it. My favorite store in Chicago is Nordstroms and they ship your whole purchase for $8.95 no matter how much you buy and no tax.
  • We are all going Southwest so go to 24 hours before the flight to print off your boarding pass. I do mine right at the 24 hours as there are no assigned seats and it is determined by how soon you check in online as to what order you will get to get on the plane.
  • Carry a purse that is a shoulder bag that your actual purse fits under your arm or a fanny pack. Do not stare at people on the El train and it is best to just be quiet on the train. Do not give anyone asking for money cash/change. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you do not fly very often remember no more than 4 ounces of liquid and they have to be in no bigger than 4 ounce bottle. For example you cannot take an 8 ounce bottle of shampoo and just bring it half full. They will take it away and you will not get it back. All of your make up and liquids must be in ONE clear plastic ziplock and have it ready to pull out when you go through security at the airport.
  • Wear slip on shoes to the airport. Everyone has to take their shoes off to go through security.
  • Check out for good deals on meals in Chicago. Our area you need to look for the 312 area code. A good one is Dock Street Cafe.
  • Your laptop, camera or any electronics you are carrying with you have to be in separate bins when going through security. The better prepared you are for security the smoother and more quickly it will go.
  • OK this may sound like a weird one but Liz and I do it every time. All those clothes you are donating to Goodwill etc? Bring them as your travel clothes and/or wear them on the plane and just leave them in Chicago. This gives you even more room in your suitcase for purchases when coming back.
  • There is no Wal-Mart, Target etc. There is a Walgreens a few block from the hotel which carries many things you may forget.
  • Did I mentions COMFORTABLE SHOES?

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