Saturday, November 29, 2008


I bought one of the new Fiskars Push and Print stamp factory gadgets. It is a huge self inking platform that you put your acrylic stamps on.

USE: I really do not see any purpose for it unless you were making a large amount of cards or maybe doing an all over print on scrapbook paper.

PERFORMANCE: After three stampings it broke. Took it back to Archivers and got another one and after about a dozen times using it, it broke again where the platform will not lay flat to get an even stamping. I will be taking it back again for a refund.

This is a tool I will be discussing with Fiskars in January at the trade show as obviously it has some kinks to work out. Even the salesperson at Archivers said she did not recommend it. Bottom line, save yourself some money and skip this one until they work out the kinks.

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